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The Yiddie Pit Crew: Champions Return to the BBQ Arena

In the fiery world of BBQ competitions, legends are born, and champions are crowned. Meet the Yiddie Pit Crew, the reigning champions from last year, a returning BBQ team with a formidable track record. They’ve not only won the hearts of BBQ lovers but also numerous accolades, including belt buckles, People’s Choice, and Judges’ Awards. Led by the Mighty Quartet of Steve Carmichael, Rudy Napoles, Adam Huddleston, and Marc Ross, with the assistance of many other family members. 

Back-to-Back Victories

The Yiddie Pit Crew isn’t just another BBQ team; they are a powerhouse of flavor and technique. Their consistent victories over the years speak volumes about their mastery of the grill. Returning as champions from last year’s competition, they are on a mission to defend their title, and the BBQ world is watching.

The Merger of Cultures: The Founding of the Yiddie Pit Crew 

Marc, long-time member of Agudas Achim, needed help with forming a BBQ team and reached out to a friend who introduced him to Steve Carmichael, pit master extraordinaire of the Backstrap Assassins BBQ Team. The combination of serious BBQer and people just wanting to have fun were the humble beginning of the Yiddie Pit Crew. To celebrate this new friendship and to celebrate Life, the motto of “Smoking and gettin’ Chai (חי)” was adopted (Chai=life in hebrew). Over the years, they have added an army of Ross / Stern Family members along with the crew from the Backstrap Assassins BBQ Team to become a force to be reckoned with and their annual participation is always highly anticipated.

Join them on this BBQ Journey and come enjoy the delights of “Smoking and gettin’ Chai (חי)”

As the BBQ season heats up, the Yiddie Pit Crew is ready to set the grill ablaze once more. Follow their journey, savor their recipes, and witness the magic they bring to the world of BBQ. Join us in celebrating the champions of the grill, the Yiddie Pit Crew, as they return on November 12, to defend their title and continue to fuel the BBQ hype in San Antonio. 🍖🔥🏆 #YiddiePitCrew #BBQChampions #SanAntonioBBQ

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  • Steve Carmichael says:

    We are so honored and happy to have been able to make Havdalah with our Agudas Achim family for the past few years and share in the love and comradery at the BBQ Championship.
    I am looking forward to seeing everyone and smoking up the parking lot in another BBQ marathon. I just hope we can live up to all this hype😉.
    Love you guys, see you soon.💗

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