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In the world of BBQ competitions, it’s not just about the sizzle and smoke; it’s about the people who bring their passion, flavor, and community spirit to the smoker. One such team that has been making waves and leaving a mouthwatering mark on the competition scene is none other than Smokin J’s BBQ. Led by the dynamic duo, Jeremy and Stevie Jalnos, this team brings not only their culinary expertise but also their commitment to volunteering and building a global BBQ community.

Meet the Team

– Jeremy Jalnos: Jeremy is the pit master of the team and when asked about his favorite thing to BBQ, his eyes light up as he talks about pastrami beef ribs. He’s known for crafting these mouthwatering ribs to perfection, which he then uses to create the most delectable Reuben sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

– Stevie Jalnos: With a flair for flavors and a heart for the BBQ community, Stevie is one of the guiding forces behind Smokin J’s BBQ. His dedication to perfecting the art of BBQ is only rivaled by his commitment to giving back to the community.

– The Jalnos and Pulman Families: BBQ runs in the family for the Jalnos crew, with the Pulman family joining forces to create a formidable team. Their passion for BBQ and community spirit is truly infectious.

The Heart of Volunteering

What sets Smokin J’s BBQ apart is not just their prowess on the smoker, but their commitment to giving back. Before and after the competition, you can often find team members volunteering their time and expertise to make the event a success. Their dedication to the BBQ community extends far beyond their own pursuits, embodying the true spirit of BBQ.

A Global Flavor

This year, Smokin J’s BBQ is taking their community spirit to a whole new level. One of their team members, Mr. Chen, is traveling all the way from Panama to join the ranks. With members also coming from Austin, HEB headquarters, and beyond, this team truly represents a global flavor. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of BBQ and the bonds it creates across borders.

Join the Smokin J’s BBQ Journey

As we gear up for another exciting BBQ competition, it’s clear that Smokin J’s BBQ is more than just a team; they’re a family united by a love for BBQ and a passion for community. Follow their journey, and you’ll discover that BBQ is not just about what’s on the plate but also the people who put their hearts and souls into creating something truly special.

So, let’s give a big shout-out to Smokin J’s BBQ, the Jalnos family, the Pulman family, and all the incredible volunteers who make this team and this competition an experience to remember. Stay tuned for more updates, mouthwatering recipes, and a whole lot of BBQ love from Smokin J’s BBQ! 🍖🔥🌎 #SmokinJsBBQ #BBQCommunity #GlobalFlavor

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