The Texas Kosher BBQ Championship

The Texas Kosher BBQ Championship

The Texas Kosher BBQ Championship

Judging Procedures

The following are the judging criteria to be used in THE Texas Kosher BBQ Championship. Belt Buckles will be awarded for the Grand Champion, Best Beef Brisket, Chicken, Best Fish and Beans entries. Trophies will be awarded for the second and third places in categories for Beef Brisket, Chicken, Fish and Beans.

To protect the integrity of this competition, all Judges will be from The Culinary Institute of San Antonio  to ensure that the quality of the teams’ entries will be judged objectively based upon their merits.

Judging, other than for name, will be “blind judging.” Judges will not know the identity of the team(s) being judged. Only Judges, contest representatives and necessary support staff are allowed in the judging area during the judging process.

Judges should limit their discussion with the other Judges while judging.

Judging containers will be delivered to each team. If your team does not receive judging containers, send a team member to the Judges’ Center to get them. Teams will be instructed to bring their judging containers to the Judges’ Center at the designated times as follows:

Category Time
Beans 8:30 a.m.
Chicken 10:00 am
Fish 11:00 am
Brisket 12:00 am

The Judging points of each category are listed below:

Entries are scored in whole numbers from 9 (Excellent) to 2 (Poor). All whole numbers between 2 and 9 may be used to score an entry, with 5 as the starting point or benchmark. The low score for each entry will be thrown out and results will then be tallied. Total points per entry will determine the winners in each classification.

Cumulative points for all categories, with greater weight given to the meat cooking contest points as compared to the beans, will determine the Overall Grand Champion as follows:

Brisket Chicken Fish Beans
1st Place 65 1st Place 55 1st Place 45 1st Place 35
2nd Place 55 2nd Place 45 2nd Place 35 2nd Place 25
3rd Place 45 3rd Place 35 3rd Place 25 3rd Place 15

In addition to the formal judging contest, there will be a People’s Choice award given, so make sure you bring plenty of supporters to the BBQ for their votes. The People’s Choice voting will end at 2:00 p.m. The booth with the most tokens for each category will be declared the People’s Choice champion.

Results of the competition will be announced around 3:00 p.m. You must be present to win.

Tickets for the People’s Choice will be collected every hour, on the hour.